Workout for abs

workout for abs
workout for abs

Abs are your muscles on your stomach, you have four different types of ab muscles: the rectus abdominis, oblique externus abdominis, oblique internus abdominis and the transversus abdominis.


The muscles sit on the front, side and middle of the abdomen. Rectus abdominis is the straight abdominal muscles and at low body fat percentage is clearly visible the coveted abs. 

To lose belly fat and uncover amazing abs you can do a lot of different workout for abs, but it is not good to only workout the abs to get rid of fat and gain visible muscle. You should also workout your back, to strengthen your core.

The abdominals role is, among other things, to bend the backbone forward, rotate the spine, turning the torso, compressing the abdomen, pull in your stomach, keep organs in place, keeping backbone straight and stabilize the balance. 

Therefore, you should do workout for abs not only for stylish muscles, but to increase core strength. There are a lot of different workout for abs and also a bunch of different gym equipment to use for workout the abs, but there are different exercises you can do anywhere at any time without gym equipment.


Always warm up, at least five minutes. Good warm-up exercises is running, jumping or why not dancing? The trick is to get the heart rate up to a level your whole body is getting warm.

Now you are ready to perform som workout for abs!


The traditional regular crunch is the most known workout for abs. Lie on the floor and place your hands behind the head for lightly support. Contract the abs and lift the shoulder blades off the floor. Lower and repeat. Do the exercise using a ball. 


The vertical leg crunch is effective for the rectus abdominis and the obliques. These workout for abs are similar to a regular crunch, but now your legs are straight up.

Lie on the floor and extend the legs straight up with knees crossed. Place your hand behind the head for support. 

Contract the abs to lift the shoulder blades off the floor as though reaching your chest towards your feet. Keep the legs in a fixed position and imagine brining your belly button towards your spine at the top of the movement. 


The most effective abs exercise is “the bicycle”. Here you also exercise the rectus abdominis and the obliques (the waist). Lie face up on the floor and place your hands behind your head, lightly.
Bring the knees in to the chest and lift the shoulder blades off the floor without pulling on the neck. Rotate to the left, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee as you straighten the other leg then switch side. 


The plank exercise is a great way to build endurance in both the abs and back, as well as the stabilizer muscles. With this exercise for the abs you also are building strength for push ups and exercises that requires a bit of core strength.

Lie face down on the floor resting on the forearms, palms flat on the floor.Push off the floor, raising up onto toes and resting on the elbows. Keep your back flat in a straight line from head to heels. Contract your abdominals to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air or sagging in the middle. Hold on for 20 to 60 seconds and repeat. 

There is a lot of more workout for abs but even if you only use the workouts mentioned above, you can get clearly visible and desirable abs.